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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 7, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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but t we hope that will not be necessary. the lives for also nations to stop the horrors that are taking place in syria and demand a political solution. anchor: the reaction on the u.s. strike have been divided along the lines of syria's regime allies and everyone else. nato said syria only had itself to blame while regional players also backed the u.s.. only syria's ally, china taking a more nuanced position, saying it was avoiding a worsening of the situation. has beenreaction divided across party lines. in 2013 barack obama have failed to get congressional approval
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for strikes in syria. it has long been a sensitive issue. >> a strategic task. speaking on the senate floor on friday, majority leader mitch mcconnnnell fulllly supported ts order to airstrike on syria. >> the planning of this operation was well considered. >> in number of democrats also approved. hillary clinton said an airstrike was the old way to prevent new attacks. collect i believe we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from innocente to bomb people and drop gas on them. ofrects many on the streets
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new york agreed that this time the president made the right call. >> i'm not a trump fan in general. i think he did the right thing. i think he did the right thing. democratic senator and vice presidential candidate tim kaine echoed the statement, calling the move unconstitutional. campaigns presidential , an outspoken critic of intervention in syria, speaking to friends of the move -- trump said it was in the interest of national security.
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anchor: there has been a decidedly different reaction from russia, who says the u.s. strikes violate international law. syria'sromised to boost antiaircraft defenses. former minister sergei lavrov is expected depressed rex tillerson on his stance when he arrives next week for talks. what d donald trump considers vital for the united states security interest,t, vladimir putin sees as a a violion ofof internationonal la. the russian president calls the u.s. strike on a syrian air base aggression against a sovereign syria. his foreign ministeter, sergei lavrov, compared the strike to the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003, saying washington had no evidence to approve the regime behindnd the chemical attackck n tuesday. act ofourse it is an
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aggresession under a comompletey made a preretext. it remininds us that the situatn in 2003 when the u.s.s. and gret written and some of their allies broke into iraq without the agreement of the un security council. reporter: the syrian government called the u.s. missile strike foolish and irresponsible behavior. the syrian president bashar al-assad was powerful military -- even though washington said an informed moscow of the stririkeo avoid any y russian casualties, russia still called the move in violation of a safe airspace deal. >> the channels of technical communication will remain open. >> russia's military will help reinforce defenses.
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anchor: for some analysis we can speak to foreign-policy expert joining us here. what was your reaction? guest: i was amazed. it was quite a shift in the american foreign policy. at least in the trump foreign-policy. the candidacy of dumb of donald trump was based on america first. motto, it wasan a a shift between the multilateral presented by president obama and the isolation of the u.s. centered policy promised by the president. in 48 hours everything has changed. president trump has decided to strike --assive 59
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airstrike against syria. where just a week ago, what was but ake was not a union strengthening of the ties with moscow in order to implement a political solution, positively -- probably encncompassing maintaining the assad regime. anchor: the policy of washington may not seem that clear. was a one-offs response, but he said he would do it too and any future atrocities. what happens if there are atrocities in the future, b-day chemical or nonchemical attacks? >> i fully agree with you. it is a one-off. if you take a look at the closer -- take a closer look at the operation, it is a statement, it is not a new political line, it
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is a strict on an isolated airbase. aimed at reinforcing the military involvement on the ground. things will carry on as it was the case before. it was a military and tactical gesture to warn russia, syria, .ran america is back in contrast with the statements that the obama administration made before hand. anchor: at the same time, part of the international coalition to remove assad. is an ambiguity. it is a voluntary ambiguity from the u.s. administration. some of the officials claim that
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the assad regime removed as quick as possible. some of them even ok did a more located -- some of them vocated andthem even ok di approach. in order to install in the middle state -- in the middle east a sort of uncertainty. russia was good at being unpredictable in that region. whereas the u.s. was highlhly predictable. is more a shift of a tactical line more than a shift in the alliances or new project. a limited strike.
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it is designed to install uncertainty. anchor: thank you very much. foreign-policy expert. u.s. strikes have raised legal questions. trump to not have a un security council mandate, nor nato leadership behind him. the issue of legality is far from clear. corrects the strike was order directly by u.s. president donald trump by passing the united nations and even formal congressional approval. trump was careful to call the attacks, which just saw under 60 missiles launched, a targeted mililitary strike in retaliation for the chemical attacks, not an open ended act of war. >> this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and attorney the spread and use of deadly chemical
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weapons. >> russian officials: a clear act of aggression. some argue the strikes have not breached international law. it may even bolster it. ofthere is only a touch irony in the airstrikes in response to the use of chemical weapons to violate international law. i think we have to recognize whatat is happening. -- what is happening is devastating. >> all that legislation requires us to inform congress before sending u.s. troops and combat. unless there had been a direct declaration of four from another country. >> time for business. sending tremors throughout the
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market. >> oil markets in particular because they are very reactive. syria itself had limited oil production, but if the conflict were to escalate or spread further it could impact or's death impact supplies were shipments. they did pair back slightly, wti closing up. $.18 per barrel. stock markets are fairly muted. leading with gains of two third of 1%. wall street was fairly flat. they dropped by the closing bell underneath the flat line. a mixed jobs report for the month of march.
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the bureau of labor statistics said the overall unemployment rate dropped to a 10 year low. a broader measure including those forced to work part-time. as you can see the job creation was far more sluggish than anticipated. they protected someone hundred 80,000 jobs would be added. were the weakest since last may. an unseasonable snow storm hampered activity last month. february to 2.7% growth in march. the picture of an economy still struggling to return to a study pace of growth. a monthly todoes derail the federal reserve's plans for two further rate increases this year. anate creditors have struck deal in principle which will
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allow the next bailout funds to be released and athens to floyd the faulting on its next payment. -- to avoid the faulting on its next payment. this despite the proposition to further austerity measures. the eu's economic affairs chief said progress was being made. >> the time has come to put an end to the uncertainty that has been weighing too long on the greek economy, which is preventing investment, which prevents the reduction of unemployment. conclusion to the the greek people deserve after all efforts have been made. >> european regulators have given unconditional approval for 21st century fox to take control of the mediator --
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examininglator is whether the deal would preach british rules on broadcasting standards. deutsche bank has completed a billion euros worth of new of a billion sales euros worth of new shares. biggest bank has s cut thousands of jobs and reported huge losses in 2015. they began returning to profit last year. the corruption casase against te acting heaead of the samsung group. heat knives charges, including embezzlement and perjury in a scandal that has an go for the president's impeachment. despite that and a safety scare on flagship -- safety scare on simpson's flagship smartphone, forecasting a 48% rise in profits for the first three months.
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anchor: beginning with a truck attack in sweden. >> there has been a lot of reaction after that tragic attack. many people wondering after london,rlin, and our truck's the new terror weapon? many people picking up on that. elsewhere on social media, there is a lot of outpouring of grief. this would sing even little sweden is an safe anymore. people sharing different images like this one. fight against terror, with the swedish flag in the background. -- lot oflot of log love for stockholm. people have actually been
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tweeting to open their homes to people who are stranded in a city that is under lockdown. people using that #to say my house here or i am driving along here. paris city hall says it will turn off the eiffel tower and many people are picking up on paris city hall's actions. they were more reluctant to turn on the effort to early this week for the victims of the st. petersburg attack. reactioions to the u.s. striking bashar al-assad's airbase in syria. it has left no one ambivalent, that's for sure. it comes with awkward timing. donald trump trying to woo the chinese leader. he went from the state dinner to the situation room.
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they report he was complementing xi jinping's wife just as the u.s. was preparing to launch those missiles into syria. the chinese leader is not happy with the decision, firstly because of optics. , soas being wined and dined this doesn't look good back home. his tightly controlled government, the washington post says he does not like surprises. tensions are mounting with russia and syria's ally as well. sean spicer maintains that a solder respect the agreement not to use chemical weapons. now it is emerging that there's no real clear plan for what is next. donald trump has made his point. supporteceived a lot of from some of his most ardent
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critics, including florida senator marco rubio. he retweeted a proverb, saying the wicked will not go punished. senators john mccain and lindsey graham releasing a joint statement. is where totion from here. article was written, saying some are calling for the strikes to can and you for the military action to continue. was clear is he was trying to distinguish himself from barack obama. >> him with his right-wing allies. >> some supporters very upset. seek congressional
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support on this. the republican senator rand paul has written a pretty angry article on fox news's website. law orident is above the above the constitution. i said so when it was barack obama and i will say so when it is donald trump. trump has effectively up ended his foreign policy in syria. promise, campaign something he made clear many years ago. he was tweeting against military action. many people see it as a betrayal of this promise. been tracking has thousands of alt-right reactions to this decision. he has been retreating them. one,t to show you this "president trump for in less than 100 days. steve bannon might as well come back to bright heart to
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supervise the coverage of world war iii." anchor: jared kushner made his first visit to iraq this weekend. one of the photos causing a stir. guest: ocean or is one of trump's closest advisers, but he never had any war experience. the u.s. president sent his son-in-law to visit troops in iraq to meet with u.s. advisers, u.s. troops, iraqi leaders, and get an update on how the battle against the jihadists is going. one of his photos has created a stir online. he looks hilariously preppy. he is dressed in a suit and tie with some nice-looking shades. this twitter user says how to -- whileattlefield another says the pyramid it is fashion week in baghdad. anchor: stick around for more headlines s coming up in just a moment.
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04/07/17 04/07/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! pres. trump: tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. , national this vital security interest of the united states to prevent editor the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons


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